Why a Divers Watch?

Why do we only sell Divers watches, when probably the vast majority of people who are visiting our website and purchase from us are not going to use it for its intended purpose,into diving or even water activities? It is far from unusual these days to see a doctor, accountant, C E O, etc, wearing a Divers watch, and the use of the bezel restricted to a reminder for when the car park ticket expires! The reason for this and the benefit to the owner, is that a dive watch is an exceptionally well made piece of kit. Built to withstand water ingress down to incredible depths resulting in intense pressure on the case. As far as watches are concerned, the most reliable, sturdy, well built Timepieces with the most longevity are in fact dive watches! The advantage to the owner is that their watch will be very hard wearing, take a beating, can be used without a second thought for all activities they wish to pursue, as well as diving and watersports! Because of their tough and rugged capabilities this is why a dive watch is known as a tool watch, and the reason why we specialise and only sell watches of this type which have a water resistance depth rating of 200m or more!

automatic divers watch