What is the best?

A good question, that would probably have different answers from different people! Difficult? No not in our opinion. For us without a doubt The best divers watch is the Rolex Submariner. It's been top dog since the beginning of dive watches, it is a design classic, without question the best known, most copied, most faked, most wanted luxury dive watch in the world! And rightly so, it is an exceptional Timepiece with world class credentials, and if you can truly afford one, and afford to wear it every day, then we would thoroughly recommend one! Buy it new from an authorised Rolex dealer,or if you are considering second hand, only buy direct from the person who did buy it new, make sure all the paperwork including the purchase receipt, and box etc is with it, take it to a authorised Rolex dealer and get it authenticated and buy it in person from the person who is selling it at the dealership. If the dealership charges for this service don't be put off! Pay them it's worth it! It never ceases to amaze us that people will part with such a large amount of money over the phone or email etc and not take precautions, I've heard of authentic watches swapped at the last minute for fakes and the vendor magically disappearing with a large amount of cash! Please don't get caught out by these scams, be sensible, be prepared to travel to buy in person and take precautions all the way through the transaction!

Reasons to buy a second watch to the Rolex Submariner or for most of us an alternative!

You may not want to wear such a valuable watch as an everyday user, getting it knocked around and scratched!
You may not like the cost of insurance for the piece of mind for this everyday use, and you would be mad not to insure against loss, damage or theft!
Travelling to some parts of the world wearing one would be inviting trouble!
You may just like a change now and again!
And for the rest of us!
You can enjoy a good “tool” diving watch with an automatic movement, the type of watch that we specialise in and sell for less than the cost of a service for the Rolex!