Stock & Pricing


We only stock and sell automatic divers watches that we personally love, own and recommend!

(Exceptions to this are our clearance watches, which are one off deals!)

We only stock a few selected models from favoured manufacturers in the affordable to mid price range!

If we don't like it, we don't stock it or sell it!

We do not sell, or have any interest in quartz watches or their derivatives! For us there is something special about an automatic mechanical movement and the engineering excellence that has to be achieved to such fine tolerances in order to measure time! Anyway what's the point of a quartz watch when you probably already have time measured electronically on your mobile phone!

N. B. Our stock range and quantity is limited and changing constantly! We intend to continue to increase our range of automatic divers watches and the availability of them, if it is not in stock, please check again soon! We welcome email inquiries for any watch, and will try to source any watch that you request!


We do not price match! We price our watches competitively, working on a small but sustainable margin from our buying costs, which can sometimes be more than other companies, due to the fact that we only want to stock a few carefully selected models and do not want to stock a complete range that would include quartz watches etc. We have every intention of becoming the place to go to for an affordable automatic divers watch, so as we grow in size we will not only be adding watches to our range, we will also be increasingly competitive on our pricing! We are Specialists in automatic divers watches and stock nothing else! We just state our price, we do not show the recommended retail or suggested price showing it as a sale etc to make it look good! It always amazes us that the rrp seems to vary from seller to seller! Our price includes free shipping to the UK , we are based in the UK in Cornwall! For overseas buyers please email us first before purchasing to get an accurate shipping cost. If the stock item is listed as available, then it's here in stock in the UK, we do not drop ship or sell before we buy! All of our watches have a minimum water resistance rating of 200m!

And yes like probably everything that's for sale on the internet you could possibly find it cheaper somewhere if you want to spend hours searching and trawling through various sites, take a chance buying from abroad, from unknown sources, take a chance on customs and excise import charges , or end up having to pay them anyway though the carrier, and the vendor failed to mention it! End up with a substituted model because of the model you wanted was actually not available! End up with a fake or replica! Yes it happens! Your order is processing but never gets anywhere! Your watch doesn't arrive at all, and you don't speak fluent Chinese to complain! Your watch arrives on a different strap to the one in the picture! Etc. Etc. I'm sure you get our point. So if you would like to go down this route we wish you good luck! We hope you enjoyed our site, and you are most welcome to visit us again! At some point you may like to purchase from us! We feel that our time and research etc is worth the price we sell for, and we value our customers that feel the same way!