With its ancestral roots dating as far back as 1881, SEIKO is the most famous of the Japanese watch manufacturers, and a renowned worldwide brand. It's diving watch history dates back to 1965 when it's family of automatic divers watches was born, it's range has been updated and added to ever since, and has become the iconic tool or everyday beater divers watch the world over! Rugged with a reliable movement and excellent lume, these dependable and capable ISO rated divers watches have few equals, and represent excellent value for money. We thoroughly recommend them, and everyone should own one at least once!

J s and k s ?

There has been much said on lots of internet sites on the difference between the model numbers ending in J or K, so we thought that we would put our opinion and thoughts on this subject!

In our opinion, based on looking side by side, all of the automatic model range, there is no difference in the quality or any other aspect of the J and K models, apart from the J models have made in Japan on the dial and case back, and the SKX range having 21 jewels also on the dial. Seiko is a worldwide company with strict quality controls in place during manufacture wherever the factory is based, so the products produced will be identical to one another, for whichever market they are intended. If there was any special manufacturing facility in Japan for the J models, then surely the latest Seiko turtle PADI special edition would have only been made in Japan along with other special editions. That said, if you collect watches then the models with “made in Japan” on them may in time be a better long term investment, as this will probably have more appeal to other collectors, but this is somewhat dissolved by the higher purchase price that seems to be the case on the J models at the point of purchase! Our advice is to buy whichever you like, wear it and enjoy it the way it was intended! The 1 or 2 following the J or K differentiates the strap, and the unique serial number on the case includes the date code for manufacture date, which will only really be of interest to future collectors, the purchase date when sold “new” will always be different to this date!

Although the Seiko 5 divers range are good watches, they tend only to be rated at 100m, so not enough for us! So our stock range starts with the SKX models rated at 200m. The range is separated into 4 categories as follows:-

SKX range this includes the 007, 009, 011, 013,


TURTLE range


Seiko Automatic Mechanical Movements

Seiko Most Used Movements

Reference             Jewels             Rate                Power                Hacking                 Handwinding                Day                Date
7S26                      21                     21,600 bph     40 hours.            No.                          No.                                 Yes.                Yes.

7S36                      23                     21,600 bph     40 hours.            No.                          No.                                 Yes.                Yes.    

4R36                      24                     21,600 bph     41 hours.           Yes.                         Yes.                                Yes.                Yes.

6R15                      23                     21,600 bph     50 hours.           Yes.                         Yes.                                No.                 Yes. 


Seiko diver's watch range primarily use one of four popular Seiko Movements, the 7S26, the 7S36, the 4R36, and the 6R15. All of these movements are all fairly similar, because they are all derived from the same base platform.

The 7SXX line of movements are Seiko’s popular workhorse movement used in much of their entry-level automatic watches since 1996. The 7S26 and 7S36 are identical movements excluding the addition of two additional jewels on the 7S36, which are purely decorative.

The 4R36 and 6R15 are upgrades on this basic platform, adding hacking and hand-winding capabilities. The 6R15 is the most desirable movement of this group, featuring a 50-hour power reserve thanks to it’s upgraded Seiko invented Spron 510 mainspring.

None of these movements are renowned for decorative engraving or polished finish, however they are incredibly reliable and easy to maintain, due to their relative simplicity and availability of spare parts. Accuracy is typically +/- 25 sec / day, although they can be made more accurate with proper regulation.