Orient watches have their ancestral roots dating back as far as 1901, setting up their factory in Hino Japan in 1950 with the name Tama Keiki Ltd.& Tama Instruments, in 1951 this was changed to Orient watch co Ltd. Notable early developments were their first wristwatch the Orient Star in 1951. Their first automatic movement watch in ,1962 ,their first water resistant model the Orient Swimmer in 1962, their first Diving watch , the King Diver in 1965, and later the World time diver, for the home markets. Factory links with Seiko since 1985, Orient became a subsidiary company of Seiko Epson Corporation since 2001, and wholly owned since 2009. Orient have been able to keep their own direction sticking to the premise that their Timepieces are a watchmakers watch and have remained focused and dedicated to mechanical watches, over the years producing more than 40 unique calibre's. Orient differentiate themselves from other Japanese watch manufacturers by producing all of their movements and most of the components used in watch manufacture” in house”. Today Orient is the biggest Japanese manufacturer of mechanical watches! In 2005 Orient launched their first professional divers watches to worldwide acclaim, with many fans in over 70 countries including the USA since 2008, their range has now grown to a number of models, which can be a little confusing at first!

We only stock a few selected models as follows


Both the Mako and Ray are very similar with subtle detail differences to the dial and bracelet, the Ray seems to be more available in the USA, as is the Mako USA which is only available in the USA. N.B. we do not stock the Mako XL range, simply because we don't like it! We don't like the non screw down pusher at 2 o'clock!


Both the Mako 2 and the Ray 2 are very similar, with just subtle differences to the dial and hands, and again the Mako 2 USA is only available in the USA.



We don't stock the M Force Air Diver, because we feel that the M Force range is better on a bracelet, we don't stock the M Force beast because of its style we don't like its looks compared to the rest of the range!