Who we are


        This website/online shop has come about because of a passion and interest in watches, and in particular dive watches that was started when my father gave me a Sicura divers watch at the age of 7!

Ever since this, I have been hooked, it must be the bezel! in my opinion a watch doesn't seem complete without one! Anyway my love of watches was born, and education learnt through collecting, buying, selling, swapping, and playing with all types of watches over the years. Yes I've done the digital and quartz and the various derivatives of the electronic based watch, the pilots, the chronograph, the complications, and probably every other variation that there is, but my love of the dive watch has always remained constant. My first job at Prodive diving and N D T school Falmouth, as a technician, equipped complete with my Seiko 150m divers watch!

Kept me in constant contact with divers watches, with divers arguing which is best! The memorable ones are the Rolex Submariner and Sea Dweller, the Doxa Sub, and the Seiko's, although I am sure there were lots more!

This experience cemented my affection further, which continued in my career in the motor trade as car dealers and watches somehow seem to go together!

      Over the years my watch collection has gone through various stages of increasing and decreasing, depending on mood at the time, or finances, and there has been many write-offs on the way, literally buckets full of mis-described junk, fakes, replicas and the like, along with being scammed several times! So after talking to my family we thought we could put some of this experience and knowledge to use, and after looking at my collection and going through all the memorable watches that I've owned, it became apparent that divers watches were the clear winners in reliability, dependability, hard wearing, and any other field you'd like to mention! This coupled with a mechanical automatic movement, a marvellous, fascinating piece of engineering, reassured me once again, what I already knew, that the automatic divers watch is the ultimate watch to own for everyday use! So with this ethos in mind, and with no other specialist site out there, we decided that this is what we would do, and Autodivewatch was launched!